Friday, September 25, 2009

Waffle House hats make this pinata guitar rock!

I made a guitar pinata and covered it with waffle house hats to make it super rock and roll!  

Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 things from a juice carton

a wallet with a coin compartment 

and a gift box

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bottle cap basket instructions

Click here to see the original post of the plastic bottle cap basket

for a basket the same size as the one in my original post you will need 63 caps
(5 caps by 3 caps and 3 caps tall)

I was not able to post all the pictures here so if you would like to download a pdf with all the pictures and instructions click here to DOWNLOAD the PDF

these are the tools you need:
wire (I used steel 18 gage)
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
1/16" hole punch

cut the wire to these lengths:
3 pieces of wire 19" long
5 pieces of wire 16" long
4 pieces of wire 22" long

punch 4 holes in each cap (evenly spaced)

take one of the 19" wires and one 16" wire and string them through the holes on one cap

on the 19" wire place 4 more caps on it, then string the other 4 - 16" wires though those caps (as picture shows)

string on another row of caps then place a 19" wire through those caps

add the last row for the bottom section and string the last 19" wire through those

push the caps together and straighten them as best as you can then bend up the wires on each side

add one row of caps all the way around the basket, this will take 16 caps

then string one of the 22" wires through those caps, you may need to use the needle nose pliers to help guide the wire into the punched holes

the caps might slide up when you are putting the wire through (this is ok) you will be able to push them back down later

when the 2 ends of the 22" wire meet bend them in and then twist them around each other on the inside of the basket

then clip the ends leaving enough to bend the point of the wire into the caps

once all the sides are done you will want to square out the basket, just mold it to look good and have straight walls

once you have your basket in a shape you are happy with you will need to place the last of the longest wire around the top of the basket, keep it in place by bending the wall wires over it

also where the ends of the wire meet twist them around each other and bend the ends up into the nearby caps

once you have bent down the wires trim them leaving just enough to bend them up into the caps

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

trip to recycling center

I took a trip to the recycling center to see if I could learn anything new, sadly I wasn't able to talk to anyone long but I did get a chance to snap a couple pictures.  I love the colors and texture of these can bales.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

'tissue plastic'

if you need tissue paper in a pinch, make it from plastic grocery bags

>flatten the bags 
> cut off the bottom seam, handles and cut down the sides (cutting off the store name)
> leave the warning on the sheet since it's still plastic
> use in a gift bag
> keep the scraps for other crafts (ideas to come)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

plastic bottle cap basket

This basket was inspired by a coke bottle cap basket that my husband bought in Africa.  We don't buy anything that has metal caps but we do buy drinks that have plastic caps and so do other people we know so I made this from plastic caps.  It turned out even better than I was hoping.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fused plastic bags used for gift wrap

This is a great alternative for wrapping gifts, this plastic can be used over and over again and it doesn't rip.  If you have never fused plastic bags search for a video on you tube there are quite a few.  I may make a video on it someday, but for now just search 'fused plastic bags'.